Thank You Email from USS Chivo (SS-341) Reunion of October 2017

Reprint of email from Peter McVicker

October 26, 2017

Dear Tom,

The 2017 Chivo reunion is in the books.

My board and I would like to thank you and your staff for a great job on our behalf.

The Alabama tour, ladies luncheon and Blue Angels practice show exceeded our expectations.

Best regards
Peter McVicker
Reunion director

Thank You Email from USMC Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Association Reunion of September 2017

Reprint of email from Bruce Baszner

October 16, 2017

Hi Tom,

Just a quick note to thank you and Tim for a great two days with Beach Bum Trolley. All of our participants thoroughly enjoyed the tours with Tim.

Might see you again soon. I am including you in the last newsletter from Pensacola.

Take care Navy. It was great working with you.


Thank You Email from USS Gainard DD-706 Association Reunion of September 2017

Reprint of email from Sheldon Chandler

October 2, 2017

Hi Tom,

As a member of the USS Gainard DD706 Association and speaking for all who were attending the reunion, I want to Thank You for taking extra special care and interest of our group. Special thanks also for the Missing Man memorial table that was set up for our banquet. It was especially nice. This was our 34th annual reunion and I believe it is one of the best. I would hope to return at another time.

It was great meeting your father, tell him we all say hello!

Best Regards,

Sheldon Chandler


USS Gainard DD706 Assn.

Thank You Letter from VPB-111/VP-21 Veterans Association Reunion of April 2015

Reprint of letter from R.F. O'Connor

May 8, 2015

Dear Tom,

On behalf of our VPB-111/VP-21 Veterans Association Reunion Committee, I want to thank you for helping us enjoy a great day together on the morning of our first day in town, Monday, April 27. The tour was interesting, informative and entertaining, and all thirty-five members thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Thank you for helping to get our reunion off to a great start.


R.F. O'Connor


2015 Reunion Coordinator

Thank You Letter from the Blue Angels Association Reunion of November 2014

Reprint of letter from RADM David O. Anderson, USN (ret)

13 November 2014


On behalf of the Blue Angels Association, I'd like to thank you.

The support you, Karen George and Beach Bum Trolleys have provided to our organization over the last few years has been nothing short of exceptional! The professionalism of your business has only been surpassed by the personal warmth and attention to detail you display. From the youngest to the oldest, you managed to make all of our members feel welcome!

I look forward to working with you in the years ahead as we have more reunions in Pensacola! You, Karen and Beach Bum Trolleys epitomize "Southern Hospitality"!

RADM David O. Anderson, USN (ret)
Blue Angels Association

Thank You Letter from the Corpsmen United, USN Reunion of October 2014

Reprint of letter from Ken Buster

11 November 2014


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service from your staff and caterers during the 2014 reunion of Corpsmen United, USN. The food and service at the two evening meals were the best we have ever had in such a setting (and we have had several). If I hear of one of my military organizations thinking about Pensacola for their reunion I will recommend the Beach Bum without any reservations.

God Bless and Semper Fi,

Ken Buster
Reunion Planner
Corpsmen United, USN

Thank You Letter from the VA - 164 Reunion of November 2014

Reprint of letter from Ken Hayes

9 November 2014

Dear Tom,

We really appreciate the fine work on the tours and as usual everyone was very pleased with the meals - truly outstanding.

A big thank you and as you always signoff - GO NAVY!

All the best!

Ken Hayes
Reunion coordinator

Thank You Letter from the USS Casa Grande Reunion of October 2012

Reprint of letter from Ron Hiles

3 November 2012

Dear Tom,

Thank you for all your help with our USS Casa Grande Reunion. We had all good remarks about all of our events.

I had two or three people tell me the Memorial Service was the best one we ever had at our reunions.

You were right on everyhting you told me on the phone. The Museum tour was super. Everyone liked McGuire's on Thursday. It was very interesting to see all that money on the ceiling.

Last I would like to say Beach Bum Trolley did a super job for us. Your drivers were great. I will recommend your trolley service to everyone.

A big thank you again!

All the best!

Ron Hiles
USS Casa Grande Reunion coordinator

Thank You Letter from the USS Newman K. Perry Reunion of October 2012

Reprint of card from Larry and Ginny Hint

24 October 2012

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for all your help. You made our reunion a great success. Everyone had a great time. We enjoyed working with you.

Thanks again

Larry and Ginny Hint

USS Newman K. Perry

Thank You from the USS General A.E. Anderson Reunion of September 2012

Reprint of email from Ralph Fuller (also sent to Larry Orvis of the Pensacola Visitor's Center)

15 September 2012

Dear Tom and Larry,

Now that the dust has settled a bit I just wanted to take time and thank both of you for the help to me personally toward providing one of the best reunions we've ever had. I had favorable remarks from everyone attending about the venues, the food, lunches, weather, scenery, hospitality, lodging, favors and everything else about Pensacola's cordiality.

Larry, you and your staff did an outstanding job with the welcome packets and name badges.

Tom, both of your drivers, Tim and Darius were so helpful, courteous and professional with their timely attention to us, and were there for any and all of our requests. I hope we were fair to them with some extra bucks for their efforts.

My only disappointment was that you both missed our banquet and festivities which denied opportunity to thank you personally.

Everyone was so grateful also Tom to receive the photos you so kindly provided of the Blue Angels. It had almost slipped my mind but you followed through with an earlier promise and I thank you for that.

In short, Pensacola and its' hospitality will be etched in the minds of "Andy" Association members for years to come... you can be sure of that. And much of that credit goes to you guys, two pros who know how to get things accomplished.

And don't forget the Homewood Suites on your list of recommended hotels. They also did an outstanding job with service and accommodation. I'll also be sending a note to their management.

With my personal thanks, again, fair winds and following seas...

Ralph Fuller USS General A.E. "Andy" Anderson Reunion Association

Thank You Letter from AOCS 16-68 Reunion of September 2012

Reprint of card from Ed Marble

21 September 2012

Dear Tom,

I don't know if I enjoyed our phone calls before our event or the event more!

You did a fantastic job and made my job as "reunion instigator" a non-event.

Please use my home or cell phone as a reference for any future references - anytime!!!! (Really)

We had a great time - and our best to Tim our driver.

Ed Marble

AOCS 16-68 - retired NWA pilot

Thank You Letter from Institute for Human and Machine Cognition of May 2012

Reprinted e-mail from Brooke Layton

25 May 2012


Thank you so much for doing such a great job with the trolley service and kudos to your amazing staff/drivers!



Thank You Letter from the USS Kearsarge Association of April 2012

Reprinted letter from Ed and Lois McKee

May 2012

Dear Tom,

Our apologies for the delay of this letter.

First, we want to thank you on behalf of the entire USS Kearsarge reunion. Your services made organizing the reunion easy. We know that you put a lot of work and time into making all the arrangements and making all the contacts. Plus keeping up with all the changes!

The agenda was amazing. The memorial service at Veteran's Park was very touching and moving. Members enjoyed visiting with the color guards at McGuire's.

Everyone enjoted all the delicious meals. Especially the cookouts.

Your drivers were friendly and courteous. Almost everything went smoothly. As you said, "Everyone is human."" When one considers all the different events and reunions that you have going, it would be difficult to think of everything. You almost did!

Thanks again.

Ed and Lois McKee

Thank You Letter from VS - 31 of April 2012

Reprinted letter from Steve Caviness, Capt, USNR (ret)

6 May 2012


On behalf of the reunion organizers and the attendees of the 2012 VS-31 reunion three weeks ago, I would like to offer our sincere thanks to you and your trolley team for a job well done. We used your Beach Bum Trolley service on four occasions, and in each instance we were served in a highly competent and safe manner.

Ms Tiffany Moore provided "Johnny-on-the-spot" shuttle service to each of our Thursday and Friday night events. Darius East and Tim Schossow drove us down memory lane to the Naval Aviation Museum, and on Saturday, Darius drove us to the most beautiful beach in the world. We thank each of these individuals. They are all personable, professional, and a credit to the Beach Bum Trolley organization.

We are also appreciative of your setting up the tour of the soon to be opened Flight academy; it was certainly a highlight of our museum experience. Finally I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to work with you. In this day and time it is unusual to find an organization that tells you what they will do, and then have them do exactly that. Beach Bum Trolley provided our VS-31 reunion with outstanding service. We will be glad to recommend highly your service to anyone who asks.

Thanks again Tom.

Best regards, Steve Caviness, Capt, USNR (ret)

Thank You Letter from VISIT PENSACOLA - TOURISM CARES of March 2012

Reprinted letter from Visit Pensacola

April 4, 2012

Dear Karen,

I would like to thank you and Beach Bum Trolley for providing transportation for Tourism Cares for Pensacola.

Because of your generosity, the Pensacola Bay Area was able to roll out the red carpet for these visiting tourism professionals who are sure to be talking about and planning return trips to our beautiful destination.

Thanks again,

Lori Coppels


Reprinted letter from Carmen Cook

March 21, 2012

Dear Tom,

On behalf of the Anzio Beachhead Veterans of World War II, Inc., we express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding tours that Darius and you coordinated for the veterans and their family members who attended the Anzio reunion from March 7th-11th, 2012.

All enjoyed the tour of the WWII area of the National Museum of Naval Aviation and the IMAX show, "Hubble" was a great hit! They were very appreciative for the stop to spend time at Veteran's Memorial Park and really loved the side tour to the beach! Inclusion of the lunches as part of the tours really added to the time shared together and the camaraderie among these men. Many still were talking about McGuire's Pub as all were saying goodbye at the end of the reunion.

A special thank you to Darius for his service of going above and beyond his work as the tour driver in making each of us feel special and keeping us all in one group.

Again we thank you for making this 33rd reunion a special event for our Anzio veterans!

Carmen Cook,
1st Vice President
Anzio Beachhead Veterans of WWII, Inc.

Kathleen Cook
Reunion Coordinator

Thank You Letter from THE RENEGADE NAVCADS of November 2011

Reprinted letter from Capt Bud Casler USMCR

22 November 2011

Dear Tom,

Enclosed is my check for our reunion.

Your troops and your equipment performed flawlessly for our reunion.

Thanks for providing us with perfect reunion/air show weather. My folks, young and old, could not have been happier.

Enjoyed all of our phone contacts. I look forward to the beer and more conversation - No telling when but I'll give you a heads-up!

Semper Fi



Thank You Letter from THE USS NOA DD 841 of May 2011

Reprinted letter from Bill Steadley, CDR, USN (ret)

19 May 2011

Dear Tom,

Please accept my belated, but most profound thanks for your cooperation and services for the USS NOA (DD 841) reunion.

I have heard nothing but praise for selection of the hotel, tours and trips.

So, on behalf of all of the shipmates, "Bravo Zulu".

My best to Possum (Tom's dog) and you.

Warmest personal regards,

Bill Steadley, CDR, USN (ret)

Thank You Letter from THE USS JOHNSTON DD 821 ASSOCIATION of May 2011

Reprinted letter from Ralph Hocking

12 May 2011

Good Morning Tom,

The 2011 reunion of the USS Johnston DD 821 Association is now history and it was a huge success, thanks in no small part to you and Beach Bum Trolley.

After several months of dealing with various agents for lodging, trips, tours and banquets, we came across Beach Bum Trolley. Suddenly, everything fell into place. Rather, you put everything into place and our annual gathering went smoothly.

Additionally, you provided several touches that we had not considered; the Memorial Service at the Veteran's Memorial Park was a touching experience much appreciated. And, of course, the "Missing Man" aspect of the Sunday Banquet was an emotional addition to the evening, an opportunity to recognize our departed shipmates, as well as all those veterans who have served in this Nation's military.

Consider our Association a very satisfied customer. Again, thank you. Perhaps one day our paths will once again cross and we will once again call on your expertise and services.


Ralph Hocking

USS Johnston DD 821 Association

Thank You Letter from THE VR - 21 PINEAPPLE AIRLINES REUNION of April 2009

Reprinted letter from Wayne and Peggy Dennis, VR-21 Committee Chairman

26 May 2009


Wayne and I want to thank you so much for the great Bar-B-Q and the trip to the Museum.

With your help we had a great success with our reunion - no complaints and everyone was very satisfied. You certainly have our recommendation.

Thanks again for your help in making our 2009 VR-21 Reunion a great success!

Wayne and Peggy Dennis
VR -21 Reunion Committee Chairman

Thank You Letter from THE VF - 103 SLUGGERS REUNION of May 2009

Reprinted letter from Bob Narey, VF-103 Committee Chairman

20 May 2009


On behalf of the VF-103 Reunion Committee I would like to thank you for all your help, support, and friendship during our stay in Pensacola.

We are very appreciative of you and your staff for making this one of the best reunions we have had. You went above and beyond the limits necessary to make sure everyone was comfortable as possible and took care of all their needs immediately. The tours were wonderful and we couldnít have asked for more. Your choice of Skopelos-on-the Bay and McGuireís Pub were outstanding and the food was really great.

The Beach Bum Trolleys were wonderful, clean and comfortable. Your staff was knowledgeable, accommodating and pleasant. Your warmth and charming personality was a big plus. You were always on time and never rushed us. We canít thank you enough for all youíve done.

We would also like to thank you for taking care of one of our Sluggerís wives who was injured, taken to the hospital and treated. You followed the ambulance, waited for her to be treated (two hours) and returned her and her husband back to the Naval Air Museum, gave them a private tour and returned them to the hotel. That was amazing!

We also thank you for standing by with a van after the trolleys left for any stragglers who might have missed the tours. Another one of your little touches that really showed how much you cared.

With great appreciation I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Bob Narey
VF-103 Committee Chairman

Thank You Letter from THE AMERICAN LEGION, POST 240 of December, 2008

Reprinted letter from Nicholas Sommers, Post Commander

29 December, 2008

Mr. Thomas E. McKean
General Manager
Beach Bum Trolley
3811 W. Nine Mile Road
Pensacola, FL 32526

Dear Mr. McKean:

The purpose of my letter is to personally thank you for your most generous contribution of the trolley services on both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day for the young singles stationed on the local bases. As you saw both days we had a great turnout of these young people and this was because of your generosity.

The Post members, Post officers and myself personally thank you for this kind action on your part.

Nicholas Sommers

Post Commander


Reprinted letter from Reed Phillips, Member of the Board of Directors

December 3, 2008


I personally want to thank you and your staff for all the effort put forth resulting in a very successful DFCS Convention. We all realize the many hours required to fine tune and complete the many necessary details. You have received many compliments from our members expressing a "job well done!"

Reed Phillips


Reprinted letter from Dr. John Hilt, Reunion Attendee

November 24, 2008

Dear Tom,

I want to thank you so very much for the "extra special" attention and service that you gave to me and June on our visit to the OAEA Reunion!

It was so special and meant so much to me to go out on the ramp to see "my" Otter! It was the highlight of our visit to Pensacola. You are a special person and Beach Bum Trolley and you made our visit unforgetable!

Best regards,

Dr. John Hilt

Comments from THE USS BRAINE (DD630) REUNION of November 2008

Reprinted letter from the USS Braine - DD 630 Reunion Association

November 18, 2008


We are presenting this picture of the Destroyer,U.S.S. Braine DD630 to you to show our appreciation for your help in the planning of our 2008 reunion in Pensacola, Florida. This is in recognition of a job well done. Thanks for the great time and many memories.

U.S.S. Braine DD630

Reunion Association


Reprinted letter from Chuck Minerman, Reunion Transportation Coordinator

November 19, 2008


Here are some trolley pick up shots. Use them as you may. A couple of them will also appear in the next issue of the OAEA Gazette along with my writeup that mentions Beach Bum Trolley prominently. Thank you and your office staff for all your help. Beach Bum really made my job a lot easier!

Chuck Minerman

Comments from USS CHARLES P. CECIL (DD835) REUNION of May 2008

Reprinted letter from Jerry and Judy Berard, Reunion Coordinator

May 8, 2008

Dear Tom,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all you did to make the Cecil reunion such a success for us!   We could not have done it without you, Tom, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Jerry and Judy Berard

P.S.   And I will try to keep Jerry on a tighter rein and away from all those women on the beach!   (Beach Bum note:  This comment refers to a mannequin out in front of the Island Style where we go souvenir shopping.)


Jerry and Judy Berard

Seabrook, Texas

Comments from USS SAUFLEY (DD465) REUNION of April 2008

Reprinted from a letter from Homer Hirt, Reunion Coordinator

April 25, 2008


Many thanks for your excellent services and your friendship.   I got the credit for an outstanding reunion, but it was mostly you and Marta that made it happen.   And nothing could surpass the Blue Angels show - Talk about up close and personal!

Please thank your staff for me.   If you wish, you most certainly may use me and the Saufley Association as a reference for future reunions with other groups.



Comments from WWII U.S. NAVY PATROL BOMBING SQUADRONS VB-VPB-VP 106 of November 2007

Reprinted from a letter from Howie Ells, Reunion Coordinator

December 3, 2007

Hi Tom:

I want to once again thank you and your staff for the great friendliness, attention and expertise that was extended to us at our reunion.

I heard nothing but pleasant comments from all involved and say again, we could not have done it without your help.

I am enclosing my Navy flying scarf which I received at Pensacola upon graduation on August 31, 1943.

I am sure that Jim can use it with his "flying equipment".   Please tell him that we all enjoyed his jokes.

Blue Skies,



Reprinted from the Squadrons' December 2007 news letter

Andy Kalton and Howie Ells, our hosts for our Pensacola Reunion were supported by Mr. Thomas McKean and his staff of the Beach Boy Trolley Corporation, whom we would like to thank, and who planned our activities and made all the arrangements for our trips, dinners and Banquet.

Our trolley trip to the Navy Air Museum was very special this time for we were treated to an excellent tour by an ex-Marine pilot (Beach Boy Trolley Editor's Note: There is no such thing as an EX-MARINE!), Lew Humphrey, who provided us with a vast history of Naval aviation along with an expert's knowledge of most of the aircraft in the Museum.

After returning to the hotel, we later had our Beach Boy Trolley catered Reception Party and light dinner in the ready room. We were elbow to elbow with hot Bar-B-Q sandwiches, baked beans, cole slaw and bread pudding with butter sauce - that was sooooo good!

Friday morning we relaxed until our trolleys arrived at noon to bus us to the Naval Air Station to our front row reserved seats for the fabulous Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show which was awesome! We stopped on the way back to view and take pictures of their Privateer for a moment of memories and nostalgia. Later we were treated to the Beach Boy Trolley's "all you can eat" Fish Fry dinner in the ready room - again elbow to elbow family style. My but the cole slaw, baked beans, cheese grits and hush puppies were tasty.

Five o'clock on Saturday was dress up time and pre-banquet pictures were taken. And then, Beach Boy Trolley's red double decker bus arrived to transport us in all our finery to our gala 17th Reunion banquet at Skopelos famous restaurant for a fabulous dinner of either London Broil, Chicken Archduc or Grouper Margarita followed by Key Lime Pie for dessert. How delicious - yes we are a spolied bunch, but we deserve it!

Comments from VF-41 BLACK ACES REUNION of October 2007

Reprinted from a letter from William P. (Skip) Aiken, VF-41 Reunion Coordinator

October 18, 2007

Dear Tom:

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to helping me plan and carry off the successful reunion for the VF-41 Black Aces.  We all had a good time.  I told you what we wanted and every detail was attended to and went off flawlessly attesting to your foresight and attention to detail.  The trolley, trip to Wall South, the trip to the National Museum of Naval Aviation, lunch at the Cubi Bar, dinner at McGuire's and our last evening together with dinner at Skopelos were all outstanding.  The whole package set a high standard for our reunions.

Again, I would like to thank you.  I would highly recommend your service to anyone that is interested in using your services.

Sincerely yours,

William P. (Skip) Aiken
VF-41 Reunion Coordinator

Comments from the USS FRANKLIN REUNION of April 2007

Reprinted from a letter from Zell Davis, Reunion Co-Chairman, 26th USS FRANKLIN REUNION

May 9, 2007

I personally want to thank you for the "special effort" you made to help make the Franklin Reunion a smashing success.

It is my hope to get the crew back to Pensacola in 2009 or 2010. Kansas City was picked for 2008.

All the best,

Zell Davis

Comments from MARION GENERAL HOSPITAL of November 2006

Reprinted from a letter from David L. Callecod, FACHE

December 2, 2006

Thank you for the wonderful service you provided us while we were in Pensacola during the Quint Studer Conference November 28th thru the 30th.    Your assistance was very much appreciated in getting us to and from the airport and our trip to Skopelos for dinner.

David L. Callecod, FACHE

Marion General Hospital
Marion, Indiana

Comments from the USS CORSON GROUP REUNION of October 2006

Reprinted from a letter from Bob Poole, Reunion Coordinator, USS Corson Group

October 14, 2006

On behalf of the USS Corson AVP 37 Reunion Association, I wish to extend a sincere appreciation for your hospitality and efficient trolley transportation for our tours.    Please give Jim Fournier special thanks for his amusing narrative while transporting us.    Yes, we know why they call it the 3 mile bridge!

Your selection of the tour sites for our group was interesting and informative.    However, they all pale to the National Museum of Naval Aviation.    We especially enjoyed the lunches at the Cubi Bar Cafe and McGuire's.    The banquet at Skopelos was outstanding in food, scenery and service.

Thank you for making the CD with photographs of our reunion group.    I have already made prints and plan to send them to our members.    This again is much appreciated.


Bob Poole

Reunion Coordinator
USS Corson Group
Roanoke, Virginia

Comments from the AEW BARRIER SQUADRON REUNION of April 2006

Reprinted from a letter from Anne and Richard Kendel of the AEW Barrier Squadron.

May 15, 2006

Now that I have come down emotionally from the "high" of the AEW Barrier Squadron Reunion of April 28, 29, and 30, 2006, I want to explain the difference between working with Tom at Beach Bum Trolley and other tour companies.    Tom's tour to the Naval Museum included the magical appearance of a set of stairs to the "Connie" and a back door to the plane left mysteriously unlocked.    The mature Naval Aviators got the thrill of a lifetime climbing aboard that plane and remembering their youthful experiences.    Other tour companies would have just driven by and maybe stopped for a photo opportunity of the outside of the plane. When I mentioned to Tom that some of the wives might be prefer to go back to the Hotel early to get rested and beautified for the evening banquet, he was extremely accommodating and provided a trolley for all who cared to depart the Museum early.    Other tour companies might have not been willing to split the group up for their own convenience.

The docents at the Naval Air Museum were fantastic and knowledgeable beyond compare. The waitresses at the Cubi Bar Restaurant were super speedy and fun even though we were a massive group of 103.

The original plan for that Sunday was to tour the beach and Ft. Pickens.    However, since Ft. Pickens was unavailable for us to explore, Tom negotiated for a really neat boat trip instead for the same price.    However, as luck would have it, the weather did not co-operate. Sunny Florida was cloudy, windy, rainy and the seas in the bay were very choppy.    Tom went to a Plan B and took us to the Veterans Memorial Park, Pensacola Beach and gave us a great tour of the Pensacola Historic District.    Dinner was pre-arranged at McGuire's Irish Pub and Steakhouse. However his arranging of the bagpipers to play "Anchors Aweigh" for this Navy group was above and beyond and enjoyed by all.    His flexibility and personal attention could only come from someone who really enjoys his business.    His tours are more like a friend showing where he lives to the best advantage possible, not as a job.

Tom and Beach Bum Trolley Co. are a great asset to Pensacola, Florida tourism.

Anne Kendel

Amelia Island, Florida

visitors since November 1, 2007